As well as being the printer of choice for some of the best designers in the UK, Team also have a large client base of print buyers who have come to rely on our versatility, competitiveness and dependability. We listen to print buyers’ demands, delivering on time, every time.


Imagine a printer who doesn’t fold his arms and suck his teeth when you suggest printing three specials and two different coloured foils onto die-cut embossed stock, mounted and converted into a slip-case. Welcome to Team.

At Team we have a strong reputation for working very closely with designers, from the most prestigious studios in the country to the single freelancers. We’ve come to know a thing or two about what designers need from a printer, the designer’s desire to learn about processes and their need to push the boundaries of what can be achieved (we even produced a book about it, Process is Form). Designers vary in their knowledge of the technicalities of print production and we keep it foremost in our mind to provide them with solutions rather than problems.

At Team we often get involved in jobs very early on in the design process, offering ideas on different techniques to use, different formats etc. We understand that the more we can help them to consistently produce the best results the more likely they are to look to us for solutions. Building a good, long-term relationship with our designer clients means that we get to understand each other’s approach and leads to a better exchange of information and ideas. So bring it on. We’re ready for it. Subscribe to our regular e-bulletin to see a range of outstanding work printed by Team.

Print buyers

Print buyers are notoriously demanding. But we’ve worked with so many print buyers and brokers for such a long time that we can safely say that we know what they want:

Anyone who buys print knows how important this is. Our quality control is extremely rigorous and we have a large and highly experienced team of account handlers to ensure each job is managed quickly and efficiently.

A comprehensive offering:
We provide a ‘one-stop shop’ for most aspects of printing, finishing, display and presentation, something we know is highly valued by the buyers who deal with us. Not only does it make life easier for them it also allows us to maintain high levels of quality control. We are in the process of working to achieve ISO 9001 and 1401.

We are able to remain competitive by having such large capacity and by having little reliance on outsourcing. For larger clients, we’ve a great deal of experience when it comes to negotiating the best long or short-term deal to suit everyone.

Strong relationships:
We work very closely with print buyers to keep up-to-date with their requirements, making sure we maintain a dependable triangle of efficiency between them, ourselves and their client.

File transfer

Sending your large files is made simple using Team's Stingray File Transfer Protocol system. Simply place the Stingray applet that we'll provide onto your desktop and drag and drop your files. Stingray is one of the most secure FTP servers available, compatible with Mac OS and Windows systems. The system automatically logs the time a file is sent and received and sends e-mail notifications, providing an efficient way of tracking your transactions.

What our clients say

Don't just take our word for it. Here’s what some of our clients have said about what we do and how we do it.

‘Working with Team has made me reconsider the age-old preconception about all printers being as bad as each other – the people at Team have a refreshingly can-do attitude, and what's more they like a challenge. Our readers have a keen eye for print quality, and Team has never let us down in that department. And the ability to make full use of its many and varied inhouse finishing services over the last year and a half has transformed Grafik from a good looking magazine into a beautiful one.’

Caroline Roberts
Publisher /
Grafik magazine



‘We had to design and print the book pretty quickly and with this in mind we thought we wouldn’t be able to have any special finishes. However, Team managed to turn the job around quickly and we were able to use a gold foil on the dust jacket and cover. We were very pleased with the final result and the images reproduced extremely well on the Naturalis.’


Natasha Day



‘Team managed to do an exceptional job on the foiling, emphasising the high precision at the heart of the piece.’


In-house design studio



‘Working with organisations like BMW we need to ensure that the quality of our thinking and the quality of the end product is central to every project we do for the brand. For the launch of the 2010 BMW 5 Series Saloon we devised a smart structural solution to house a USB device containing model specific data for the UK Press. The functional aspects of the design were just as important as the look and feel to communicate the appropriate image for the BMW brand. Team Impression clearly understood our requirements from the outset and provided us with a good working partnership that enabled us to deliver this project under tight time constraints and on budget.’


Christina Nutter
The Brand Nursery